Performing abilities


Lisarco Danza is a contemporary dance company formed of eight artists with and without mental disabilities. Although improvisation is a key element in their shows, the pieces evolve through long rehearsals where the dancers individual and unique response to each other leads the creative process. They all bring their experiences and abilities to the final performance.


The group met in Madrid in 2003 in a workshop organised by the director of the company Rafael Soriano  and soon realised that they could do a project together.


In each piece they work closely with a band of musicians that play live on stage. For the show 'Another atempt to fly low' they collaborated with the group of percursionists with special needs Tambores de Pozuelo (Drums from Pozuelo), conducted by Soriano.


Their artistic practice pushes the boundaries and makes the audience reflect on other ways of understanding contemporary dance. They have now become a professional dance company and their show with the sinfonic orquestra BandArt is performing internationally.

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